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Broadbill forest camp

Broad bill forest camp

Broadbill forest camp, The east of broadbill-forest-camp in the Ruhija Sector is the Broadbill Forest Camp where gorilla trekking in Uganda takes place.

This sector of bwindi national park (Ruhija sector) has three habituated gorilla families namely the Bitukura Oruzogo and the Kyaguriro, this gorilla family was mainly for research group although it was later opened for tracking.

This type of accommodation is mainly known as a budget accommodation without compromising eminence and comfort. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park apart from mountain gorilla trekking is also known as a key destination for birders visiting Uganda and includes globally threatened species such as African Green Broadbill from whom the lodge derives its name.

Broadbill Forest Camp is mainly offered in tents that are sited on raided wooden floors enclosed by grass thatch making it ecological. The Camp has 4 tents all has self-contained wash rooms and they have provision for twin, double and single rooming arrangement based on your request.

Broadbill Forest Camp has the main building which complies of the restaurant and the bar, well stocked and it operates 24/7 hours. The fire place is also provided where the fire is lit in the evening to present a typical African night in the wilderness. Indeed the lodge is a perfect place for relaxation, away from the pressures and stresses of everyday life.

Activities to do while at Broadbill Forest Camp

Mountain Gorilla tracking experience

Gorilla trekking is the main safari activity done in the park, many visitors to bwindi go gorilla trekking. Bwindi is one of the 4 parks in the world where gorilla trekking takes place, and magical encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas is regarded as memorable, meeting these gentle giants in a close distance is a rare moment and only one hours is allowed to stay with the gorillas, watching them as they do their daily activities, you be allowed to take as many photos and videos with them (not allowed to use flash cameras). Gorilla permits must be booked in advance since they are a requirement for gorilla tracking. The lodge can arrange these permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on behalf of our clients if asked in advance or at the time of booking the lodge. A gorilla permit costs $700/permit for foreign nonresidents, 600 US dollars for foreign residents and 250,000sh for East Africans citizens. Book with us your gorilla permits to avoid stress.

Bird watching#Broadbill forest camp

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park is known for housing the highest concentration of bird species and with our experts, you expect to watch a verity of them during bird watching, you can have the best birding moments especially for those Albertine Rift Endemics like the African Green Broadbill which is highly sought after.

Butterfly spotting

Nature walks

For those interested in r walking safaris through Bwindi impenetrable forest, the lodge offers this kind of activity where you will explore the park on feet. You are advised to book in advance and our local guides who will take you through.  The guided nature walks will take you up to Mubwindi swamp and to a water fall. During the walk you will stand a chance to sport the forest fauna and flora.

Bicycle riding#Broadbill forest camp

This is a guided safari activity which is also carried out in the park, you are advised to book in advance for this activity through Broadbill Forest Camp.


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