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Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park, Combined with Usanga game reserve, Ruaha is now the largest national park in Africa. It covers a total area of 15000 square kilometers and it’s known for its larger ecosystem that covers over 40000 square kilometers. Most visitors to the Park are delighted by the large herds of elephants that converge around the Ruaha River.

More about Rauha National Park

Ruaha differs itself with an undulating plateau, occasional rocky outcrops and mountains that reach up to 1900 meters.

Another highlight in the park is the sand rivers that dry up completely in the dry season. After drying up, they act like roads for the animals to move to different waterholes in need of water.

Eastern camps in the park are usually crowded during the peak season, but due to its vastness, there is still a place for someone. Most of the park’s sections are unexplored that’s why it still maintains its beauty.

To have more of what Ruaha offers, we recommend that you stay there for not less than three days. It is good for scenic views of buffaloes, elephants, lions and other rare animals like the African wild dog. Gazelles, ostrich, and cheetah are common on the plains, then crocodiles and hippos appear at the river banks.

For lovers of birds, the park has over 465 species for you. The rainy season particularly from January to June is spectacular with abundant life including the migrant species.

If you are still not sure of the best time to visit Ruaha National Park, you are not very far from the best answers. For those who are after wildlife, it is perfect to visit between July and November when animals converge around the water holes.

Ruaha National Park Tanzania |Mum and Dad Ugnada Tours
Ruaha National Park Tanzania

During this period of time, grass dries up and animals become easier to see from every corner. Then in March, April and October, migrating birds arrive to join the resident species in the Park.

What to do in the Park.

Night Game Drives

These are done in the park occasionally and grants tourists great opportunities to see the nocturnal species. If you are planning for this excursion on your kenya Safari in Ruaha National Park, it is advised that you inform the park headquarters in advance to arrange everything accordingly. Night game drivers are often assigned an armed guide to lead and protect them from dangerous animals.

Bird Watching

With its abundant species of birds, Ruaha is a mecca for bird enthusiasts. It provides a home to both the residential and migratory bird species. The best time to have remarkable birding encounters in this Park is during the rainy season. Some of the common species to see are Eleanora’s falcon, emerald spotted wood dove, crested barbet, long-crested eagle, Goliath heron, black-billed bustard, bateleurs, African fish eagle, and ashy starling.

Guided Nature Walks

Ruaha is packed with numerous walking trails that award travelers great chances to explore its natural beauty on foot. These trails traverse around the park and expose tourists to plenty of wildlife in Park including birds, plants, and animals. It lasts for about 2-3 hours. Don’t forget to take pretty photos in wild with a backdrop of lush vegetation, towering hills, and wild animals.