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Day Tours to Uganda

Day Tours and Safaris

Day Tours and Safaris, Uganda the pearl of Africa as sometimes referred to  one of the few countries in the world. Where one can go on a family trip and have a memorable experience.

No matter how old or how younger your family are. Uganda still have something good for member.

Mum and Dad Uganda Tours  one of the primary operator in Uganda who will customize your family safari. To suit everyone’s dreams come true.

However we are very much aware that for any family safari to become successfully. There must be that very person behind it. It could be a mother or a father or anyone in the family interested traveling as a family.

We need only one thing from you to fill our contact us form. And give us detailed information about your family. Including size, gender, age, number of days you would like to spend on a Uganda safari, rooming arrangement, activities. That will interest your family among others so we will go ahead and advise you on the best options we have in store. Our bestselling family tour is the gorilla safari.

Gorilla safari

We can take you and trek the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda’s bwindi impenetrable national park and volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park. Lake Mburo national park as well as primate safaris in Kibale forest national park.

Mum and Dad Uganda Tours will organize everything for your family right from transportation. Accommodation and gorilla permits and all activities included in the itinerary for your family.

The most important thing about family gorilla safari is that you need to let us know the age of each family member in advance. So that we establish if you need a porter or not or if others meet the required age of gorilla trekking.

The minimum age required for gorilla trekking is 15 years and above. So it means if you have a family member of below that age. Then we have to arrange for them other activities he/she should not be allowed to trek the gorillas.

safari activities

Other interesting family safari activities to enjoy include Boat trips this will give you an opportunity to move together as you will appreciate the beauty of Uganda as a tourism attraction, this create the bondage required as a family and you enjoy everything as a family.

You can enjoy boat cruise on the kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park, where you will stand a chance to see different species of animals that live and feed on the lake including crocodiles and hippos, buffaloes and elephants can be seen along the shoreline plus various species of birds.

Boat cruise can be also done in Murchison falls national park to the bottom of the falls and to the delta. Hot air balloon in Queen Elizabeth national park is also a breathing family safari activity you would not love to miss. Contact us we will surely organize something good for your family

There are many other optional family safaris activities which are memorable and they can make the all group to enjoy to the fullest including spending time at the islands like ssesse island, Ngamba, going to jinja to visit the source of the Nile, wildlife education center formally known as Zoos among many others.

Just waiting for your inquiry today and we establish what we can suggest for you where to go on this Day Tours and Safaris to Uganda