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Semliki National Park Uganda

Semliki National Park Uganda

Semliki National Park Uganda, This amazing Park is also listed on the list of Uganda’s top National Parks to go for Safaris and tours either customized or on self-drive discovery; similarly, Semliki National Park is also known for its great huge variety of different Wildlife species recorded in its Biodiversity.

This Park is also a contributing factor to the growth of attracting Uganda’s Wildlife which attracts different tourists of different kinds from different countries of the World much willing to discover and experience Uganda’s evidenced and exceptional species.

Semliki National Park | Mum and dad Uganda Tours

Semliki National Park Uganda

There is no way you can satisfy complete exploration of Uganda’s Wildlife, if you are typically missing out on Semiliki National Park on your bucket list of Wildlife destinations visited in Uganda.

Semliki was firstly gazetted as a forest reserve to provide habitat for different Wildlife species but later in 1993 it was declared as a National Park, it’s the newest gazetted National Park in Uganda among the top ten on list.

Semiliki National Park is geographically located in the Western part of Uganda within the Albertine Rift valley along Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo with the Rwenzori Mountains being in its south west and Lake Albert in the north.

Semliki National Park covered on flat to undulating land forms characterized by different ecosystems including tropical rain-forests, montane forests, Savannah, grasslands, bamboo forested areas, and swampy areas.

The Park usually very flooded during the rainy season. Of its areas being characterized by water. Semliki popularly known for the female and male hot springs although it’s also a good habitat for different wildlife species.

The rate of growing vegetation in Semliki National Park influenced by the changing climatic conditions including dry and rainy conditions.

How to get there?

Semliki National Park not located in the central part of Uganda where you land on arrival. But rather situated in Western Uganda requiring you to travel from central Uganda up to Western Uganda where the park is located.

Traveling from Kampala by road, Kampala-Mityana-Mubende- Fort portal highway is the best-recommended route of reaching this Park comfortably using suitable 4×4 wheel drive Safari jeep.

The time taken for the drive from Kampala to the suburbs of the Park usually depends on the speed used; traffic along the way, climatic conditions and en route stop overs included. It’s also possible to switch from any other nearby Park like Kibale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and more direct to semliki National Park.

What to see in Semliki.

Meanwhile Semiliki National Park in western Uganda popularly known for its exceptional female and male hot springs  characterized by great flow of hot water.  Used to cook uncooked eggs and bananas by just a mere throwing of them in the flowing hot water after of which you wait for some minutes.

Not only known for hot springs but also the great Wildlife offered for instance  Wild animals like Elephants, lions, buffaloes, civets, monkeys, kobs, spotted hyenas, bushbabies, bushbucks, forest hogs. And more plus different bird species  approximated to over 400 bird species including endemic and non-endemic species. Reptiles like geckos, chameleons,and snakes also appear in the Park.

Activities to do in Semliki.

  • Chimpanzee trekking in Toro-Semuliki wildlife reserve, and not only chimpanzee but still you can trek over 6 primates species which lives in here including chimpanzee, blue, vervet, grey-checked mangabey, black and red tailed monkeys and olive baboons.
  • Game viewing in Toro-Semuliki wildlife reserve, which gives tourist to this park to sport various species of animals African buffalo, leopard, hippopotamus, mona monkey, water chevrotain, bush babies, African civet, African elephant, and the Pygmy scaly-tailed flying squirrel.
  • Semuliki national park hot springs, the park has both female and hot springs
  • Bird watching, birding can be done all year round in the park although the best months for birding in semuli national park is during the dry season in the months of March to May and September to November. some of the birds to see in the park include ; Lemon bellied Crombec, Red-bellied Malimbe, Blue-billed malimbe, Leaf love, Swamp palm bulbul, Maxwell’s Black swallow, white-throated blue swallow, Yellow throated
  • Walking trails/Nature walks to mention some of the trails to follow here include, Kirumia Trail, Red monkey Track, Sempaya nature trail, Wildlife of semuliki National park, Birds of semuliki national park.

Where to stay

Semliki National Park in the Western part of Uganda situated with different accommodation facilities  reserved for tourists and other visitors to stay at affordable prices. These facilities range from camping to self-contained rooms. Enjoy your specific days as you spare some time for a visit to semliki National Park in western Uganda.  some  of the lodges includes

Luxury: Semliki Safari Lodge/ Kibale safari lodge

Mid-Range: Semliki Safari Lodge/ crater safari lodge / Nkuruba safari lodge

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