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Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes national park

Volcanoes national park ,  This Rwanda park is gifted with a wide variety of safari activity. So the park is regarded as the most thought after place to visit in Rwanda. There are so many things to see and enjoy in this park.

About Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park | Mum and Dad Uganda Tours

this beautiful and magical park is known as a stop Center for all Rwanda gorilla safaris sheltering the highest number of mountain gorillas in the Virunga Conservation area. The strategic location of the VNP roughly 2 hours drive from Kigali international airport make it the most accessible gorilla national park in the world. Besides gorillas. Volcanoes National park is a home for golden monkeys, a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects among other creatures. Which together make a complete Rwanda safari package.

Spanning on a 160 sqkm area in the northern part of Rwanda, Volcanoes national park is part of the great Virunga volcano conservation region spanning to cover Virunga National Park Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda. It was initially a small area around Karisimbi, Mikeno and Visoke volcanoes which was gazetted to protect the Mountain gorillas which were facing the threat of extinction as a result of poaching.

You can go gorilla trekking and meet the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural setting. Uganda is one of the three countries the other two include Uganda, and DRC where one can have a chance to see the endangered mountain gorillas in a close distance, golden monkey tracking is a another interesting safari activity one can’t miss while in Volcanoes NP.

Volcano climbing and hiking which is regarded as one of its kind safari activity, bird watching, the park has a wide verity of bird species some of which can’t be seen elsewhere in the world,  nature walks, cave exploration, visiting Diane Fossey’s research camp and so much more.

Other wildlife species in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

 Golden Monkey Trekking volcanoes national park
Volcanoes national park

In addition to mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei), Volcanoes national park is home to golden monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis kandti), Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta), buffaloes (Syncerus caffer), elephants, black-fronted duiker (Cephalophus niger), and bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus). The park also harbors 178 bird species including at least 29 endemics to Rwenzori mountains and the Virungas.

How to get there

Volcanoes National Park is found in a small village called Musanze latest well-known as Ruhengeri, its easily accessed by public transport from Gisenyi or Kigali or from the airport. its a two hours drive from  from the capital kigali to Volcanoes national park hence one can do a 1 day gorilla tracking on the same day and drive back to Kigali after the trek. You will be required to arrive at the headquarters of ORTPN in Kinigi, at the park entrance, by 7:00 am, therefore, if you hope to trek gorillas for one day, you are advised  to wake up very early in the morning for your journey so that you are on time for trekking.

There is no any public transport from Musanze to the headquarters of the park at Kinigi, you are as well advised to book with a registered tour and travel company either from Uganda or Rwanda to organize for you a memorable Rwanda gorilla tour and have your dreams come true!
Activities in the park include:-
Gorilla trekking is the major activity one should think of when planing a safari in volcanoes national park ,

Hiking Karisimbi volcano (3,800 m), One day Mount Bisoke volcano hike, Visiting Dian Fossey,

Visiting the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera

What to Wear

Sturdy clothing and solid walking shoes. In case of rain, gaiters and a lightweight waterproof will come in useful.
where to stay in Volcanoes national park

luxury:    Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel/ Mountain Gorilla View Lodge/

Mid-range: Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge/La Palme Hotel

Budget: Kinigi Guest House/Hotel Muhabura

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