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Mum And Dad Uganda Tours – Ultimate Wildlife Safaris & Gorilla Tours

Mum and Dad Uganda Tours (M&D) is a reputable tour operator that specializes in providing customized, authentic, and sustainable travel experiences in Uganda. The company is owned and operated by a Ugandan couple, who have a deep love for their country and a passion for sharing its beauty, culture, and wildlife with visitors from around the world.

Mum and Dad Uganda Tours offers a wide range of tour packages, including gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, cultural toursadventure activities family trips and group tours. They work closely with local communities and conservation organizations to ensure that their tours benefit both visitors and the local people and wildlife. We Tailor our safaris based on our customer’s needs, interests, and budget constraints. We are specialized in organizing family trips and group tours.Mum And Dad Uganda Tours

The company is known for its exceptional customer service, experienced guides, and attention to detail. Mum and Dad Uganda Tours also places a strong emphasis on responsible travel, promoting sustainable tourism practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment and local communities.

We organize gorilla tours in Uganda and Rwanda as well as DR.Congo with over 6 years in the field.  We also arrange airport pick-ups and transfers with our reputable 4×4 luxury and safari vans/ Land cruisers.

Overall, Mum and Dad Uganda Tours provides a unique and unforgettable travel experience for those looking to explore the beauty and diversity of Uganda. you are all welcome to ”discover the discover”


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7 Day Hike Mount Kilimanjaro Safari Adventure Tour

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9 Day Uganda Safari Tour

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2 Day Jinja White Water Rafting

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4 Day Mgahinga Gorilla safari & Batwa Trail

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8 Day Amazing Tour in Kenya Safari Tours & Holidays

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Explore the Pearl of Africa

Uganda simply holds most of Africa’s secrets most of them are untouched just waiting for you to explore. We have the expertise to plan a perfect trip for you, they know very well East Africa, not only know but they have lived there and know the people and places very well.

So we hand you to the right people to travel you around to get a better experience. Our safaris are tailor-made. all our safaris are organized based on our client’s needs, interests, and budgets.

We are ready to take you into the wild and discover the ”secrets”. Booking a trip with us will be an outdoor experience like no other one you have ever had! Read more about us and book your safari.


Encounter Gorillas in their Natural Habitats
  • 4-days-rwanda-gorilla-trekking-safari

    4 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

    This Rwanda gorilla safari gives you an opportunity to track the mountain gorillas as well as the golden monkeys in the Volcanoes national park. The tour  also gives you a chance to enjoy a Kigali city tour.
  • 3-days-bwindi-gorilla-trekking-flying-in-safari

    3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Flying-in Safari

    The tour will begin with a pick-up from your pre-booked hotel in Entebbe by our safari guide and later embark on a 1-hour flight to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park a home to endangered mountain gorilla.
  • 3-days-uganda-gorilla-trekking-tour-from-rwanda

    3 Day Rwanda to Uganda Gorilla Trek

    This 3 day Rwanda to Uganda gorilla tour will begin and end in Kigali Rwanda’s capital and its largest city. The tour will enable you to trek through the impenetrable forest of Bwindi national park.

Discover Uganda's Secrets

With Mum and Dad Uganda Tours

We Give Back

Sharing The Joy

We are from these communities and so we feel a natural desire to give back. At Mum and Dad Uganda Tours, it is our joy to give 10% of your bookings with us to charity institutions or organizations.

Consider participating in community-based tourism initiatives that directly benefit local communities. These initiatives often involve cultural exchanges, village visits, and community projects.

Responsible Travel

We believe in sustainable, responsible transformative tourism that protects, preserves, and restores Africa’s wildlife and wild spaces.

Why Travel with Us?

Recent Reviews from Travelers who Planned and Booked their Africa Trips with Mum & Dad Uganda Tours
Richard M
Richard M
Mum and Dad Tours gave us the best immersion in Ugandan and Rwandan culture, history and wildlife. Unforgettable. We had a 12 day Safari starting from Entebbe in Uganda and finishing in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali. I have nothing but praise for Mum and Dad Tours and our knowledgeable and hospitable guides, Martin and Augustine. The whole tour was a non-stop fascinating lesson in the animal life, the geography, the geology, the history, the culture and the wonderful people of East Africa, and Uganda and Rwanda in particular. We had such a great time with Martin and Augustine and learnt so much. They are a couple of fun young guys who are proud, professional and passionate about showing off their part of the world. For good reason. This is an experience I’ll never forget, 100% recommended. Mum and Dad Tours, thank you. Weebale nnyo. Webale munonga. Murakoze. Ngibonga.
Superb Uganda Safari With A Great Tour Operator! It was a fantastic trip for my family accurately from start to the end which I can never forget with Mum and Dad Uganda Tours. Superb Uganda Safari is great value for my money. We saw amazing wildlife, a high concentration of animals and birds, beautiful sceneries with enormous palm trees. Augustine was always on point whenever I needed him and he was responsive. He attended to each and every question I asked him. Thanks a lot, you made our trip so powerful. You are a really informative tour operator. Expert and experienced guide/driver. This is the best experience. There is so much to learn. Mum and Dad Uganda Tours is highly recommended.
kayemba G
kayemba G
Perfect experience In have no words in can use to to show my appreciation. Mum and dad Uganda tours is the company that organize safaris to its expectation. We had a 15 days Uganda safaris which expressed us to several interesting places Uganda offers. Augustine thanks so much for being available to any of our query. Marine our safari guide was always on time to have our safari perfect he was knowledgeable about the all safari his driving skills was so fantastic, he let us stop at any place of interest too admire nature,indeed Uganda is a perfect place too visit. Gorilla tracking,game viewing ,primate watching primate viewing and hiking experience is an experience I wound not foget in my inter life,thanks mum and dad Uganda tours.I would love to recommend any one to use this company.
Incredibly unforgettable adventure Amazing Safari experience, unique and unforgettable"" Amazing experience of Safari Which I would highly recommend to anyone to have it in a lifetime. We did game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park and we were previlladge to spot the tree climbing lions in the ishasha sector of queen Elizabeth national park, we spotted also the elephants, buffalos hippos and crocodiles during the launch cruise on the lazinga channel. Love the amount of elephants we saw in queen . truly special moments to remember, adding on top of that was the amazing and rare endangered mountain gorillas In the bwindi impenetrable. This was the climax of the safari 5days to queen and bwindi national park. Special appreciations goes to our driver Martin who was with us all these days.his positivity is amazingly remarkable, he was really kind, patient, supporting and helpful with any inquiries we had. More so also Augustine who arranged the all trip for us.we are very grateful and appreciative for Mum and Dad Uganda Tours going the extra mile and providing with vegan options or our meals. Don't look no further book with that Tour and travel company your dreams Will come true
Mambi W
Mambi W
A moment in life difficult to forget It was on 23/05/2021 when I started booking with Augustine a reservation manager mum and dad Uganda tours, he was so quick in answering to all my questions concerning the trip, he arranged us a 10 days tour to Uganda were we visited most Uganda's secrets. I and my wife visited the ziwa rhino sanctuary, enjoyed the boat cruise in Murchison Falls and queen Elizabeth National parks as well game drives in boths parks and lake mburo. Most interesting experience was spot the tree climbing lions in ishasha sector of queen Elizabeth National. Bwindi impenetrable National park a home to endangered mountain gorills, it was such a grate experience. Lake bunyonyi is such a grate place to visit. I can imagine the time I sent in the wild. Thanks to our guide who was so experienced, knowledgeable and funny, he made our trip enjoyable. The meals and our lodges were all beautiful,. I can't leave with out recommending anyone to use mum and dad Uganda tours for your next safari.
kagimu m
kagimu m
imaginable experience Nothing can merge my experience on a 10days Uganda tours with mum and dad Uganda tours. Augustine the reservation officer was always on time to answer our questions whenever we needed clarification. We almost visited all Uganda's secrates. Bwindi national park was the major highlight of the safari we trekked the endangered mountain, we viewed the tree climbing lions in queen, all the game drives we had in Murchison falls, lake mburo was superb. Lake bunyonyi was one of its kind, we visited all the islands that found here. Our guide Martine was experienced, knowledgeable and very friendly, his driving skills was grate, the food was of standard, no word I can use to express my appreciation and I can wait to recommend any one interested in traveling to use Mum And dad Uganda tours, a locally based tours and travel company in Uganda
Aditya G
Aditya G
Amazing Experience It was an amazing experience during our last trip. Augustine is really very co-operative in nature. Thanks a lot for your best service.
Hadijah N
Hadijah N
Amazing tour to Uganda I can't fail to thank mum and dad Uganda tours for the such a wonderful tour they organise to me and my dea husband. We visted 4national parks, the Lodge were all good with excellent quality. We thank mum and dad Uganda tour's staff who were unfailingly helpful and efficient. The wildlife was exceptional and surpassed our expectations, the tree climbing lioms in Queen Elizabeth national park were amazing. The endangered mountain gorillaz in bwindi exceeded my expectation. Our Toyota land cruiser was comfortable. Our guide nsubuga was professional and efficient and had excellent knowledge of wildlife. I trust you if you use mum and dad Uganda tours ,you will never regrate
Twinomuhangi Y
Twinomuhangi Y
Amazing encounter It was really a nice exprience i have nothing to complain only to say thank you Augustine for the good work you did to us, enjoyed and e very thing he put on the itenenary we did it. it was only the rain which disorganized us during the gorilla trekking but good enough we watched them in their nature habita. The juvenile come cross to me, wawoo it was fun. but good enough i enjoyed all the activities as they were on the program. Mum and Dad Ugand Tours is really a good company everyone should have to use. And am planning to come back and with a bigger group.
robert porter
robert porter
Trip of a Lifetime Communicating with Augustine, our Mum and Dad Uganda Tours agent was a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Augustine was quick to respond to questions that popped up along the way, and proactive in making sure our specific needs were taken care of. From recommendations around the safari location, to travel logistics - he had it all covered! It brought us a huge sense of relief as we had some minor anxiety about being first time travelers to East Africa. Would highly recommend working with Mum and Dad Uganda Tours, based on our experience with Augustine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why visit Uganda?

Uganda, often referred to as the “Pearl of Africa,” is a diverse and beautiful country that offers a wide range of attractions and experiences for travelers.

Best time to visit Uganda and Rwanda

The best time to visit Uganda and Rwanda largely depends on your specific interests and the type of experiences you’re seeking. Both countries offer diverse attractions and climates throughout the year.

What is gorilla trekking or gorilla tracking?

Gorilla trekking, also known as gorilla tracking, is an outdoor adventure activity that involves hiking or trekking through the forests and mountains of Central and East Africa to observe and interact with wild gorillas in their natural habitat.

What do mountain Gorillas look like?

Mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) are the largest and one of the most iconic of the gorilla subspecies. Their ability to inhabit high-altitude forests with cold temperatures is indeed a remarkable adaptation, and their thick fur plays a crucial role in helping them cope with these challenging conditions.

Where to go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo?

Gorilla trekking is a remarkable wildlife experience that can be enjoyed in three Central and East African countries: UgandaRwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Each of these countries offers unique opportunities to encounter mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

What are the habituated gorilla families for trek in Rwanda, Congo and Uganda?

Each of the three countries that offer gorilla trekking—Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Uganda—has habituated gorilla families available for trekking. However, it’s important to note that the composition of these families and their availability for trekking may change over time.

What other activities can one engage in while on a gorilla trek?

While gorilla trekking is undoubtedly a highlight of any visit to gorilla habitat areas like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda or Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, there are several other exciting activities and experiences you can enjoy in these beautiful regions.

What is Gorilla Habituation?

Gorilla habituation is a process by which wild mountain gorillas, typically those that are not yet fully accustomed to the presence of humans, are gradually habituated or acclimatized to human observers.

Is Gorilla Trekking safe?

Gorilla trekking is generally considered safe when conducted under the guidance of experienced and trained guides, park rangers, and following established safety protocols.

What is the cost of a gorilla permit?

A gorilla permit is an official document or authorization that allows individuals to visit and track gorillas in their natural habitat within designated protected areas, typically in African countries where gorillas are found. The cost of a gorilla permit can vary significantly depending on the country and specific location where you want to go gorilla trekking.

What is included on the price of the gorilla permit?

The price of a gorilla permit typically includes several components and services, but the specific inclusions can vary depending on the country and the tour operator you choose. 

How long does a gorilla trek take?

The duration of a gorilla trek can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location of the gorilla group, the terrain, the pace of the trek, and the proximity of the gorillas to the starting point. On average, a gorilla trek can take anywhere from 1 to 8 hours.

What is the age limit to trek the mountain Gorilla?

The minimum age requirement is in place to ensure the safety of both visitors and the gorillas. Trekking in the dense forests and steep terrain where gorillas live can be physically demanding, and younger children may have difficulty keeping up or may pose a greater risk to themselves and the gorillas due to unpredictable behavior.

Is it possible to trek Uganda Gorillas from Kigali?

Yes, it is possible to trek Uganda’s mountain gorillas from Kigali, Rwanda. The two main gorilla trekking destinations in Uganda are Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, both of which are located near the border with Rwanda. 

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