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Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park, With its 350 species of vascular plants including the 45 varieties of terrestrial orchid, Kitulo National Park a rare botanical marvel in Tanzania. Locals refer to it as the Bustani ya Mungu and dubbed the Serengeti of flowers.

It tempts travelers with its World’s great floral spectacles. The park’s riotous wildflower display a breathtaking scale and diversity in the rainy season (late November to April).

This Park specifically perched at around 2600m between the rugged peaks of Poroto, Kipengere and Livingstone mountains. Its well-watered volcanic soils support the largest and important montane grasslands.

Adding to the important watersheds of the Great Ruaha River, this park  known for its floral significance.

Kitulo National Park - Mum and Dad Uganda Tours
Kitulo National Park

Some of these species are stunning yellow orange red hot poker, a multitude of orchids, proteas, geraniums, giant lobelias, lilies, aster daisies and varieties of aloes. Most of these species are endemic to the southern Tanzania. Few hardy mountain reedbuck and eland that roam the open grasslands add to the Big games.

Although Kitulo is a botanist and hiker’s paradise, also alluring to bird watchers. Tanzania’s rare Denham’s bustard is the main resident together with a breeding colony of the endangered blue swallow. More birds on the list include the mountain marsh widow, Kipengere seedeater, and Njombe cisticola. Other species in the Park are chameleon, lizard, butterflies, and frogs to name but a few.

How to get there

If not the spectacular day’s drive from Mbeya (550 km) or from Kigoma (390 km), you go by charter flights from Dar es Salaam or Arusha town.

Airplane means the fastest way to reach the Plateau. It is also possible to reach Mpanda by rail from Dar, then catch a public transport to Sitalike, the hub for game driving.

What to do in the Park

Bird watching

For those planning a trip to Tanzania mainly for its bird species, don’t miss to check out Kitulo National Park. This protected area is recorded with a number of bird species and there are different hot spots where you can’t fail to see some of your favorite species.

Meanwhile for incredible encounters, it is recommended to arrange for the excursions usually early in the morning hours or evening time.

Walking Safaris.

Aside from the Car, you can take in the Park’s beauty on foot. Tourists are assigned a park ranger guide to lead the excursion around and protect them from dangerous animals. Rangers as well more informed of the best areas for remarkable views of numerous wild animals.

Game Viewing.

With its variety of Wildlife, Kitulo National Park  a must for game viewing. It tempts tourists with views of giraffes, cape buffalo, zebra, warthogs, blue monkeys, flamingo, elephants, lions, black and white colobus monkeys to mention but a few.

However apart from wild animals, the birdlife in the forests of the park is amazing. You won’t fail to see some of the a hundred bird species recorded in the Park. Common species in the Kitulo include bar-tailed trogon, Narina trogon to mention but a few.