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Currency and getting around Uganda

Certainly, here is some information on currency and getting around in Uganda:

Currency: The official currency of Uganda is the Ugandan shilling (UGX). It is advisable to exchange currency at banks, authorized exchange bureaus, or hotels. Many larger establishments, especially in urban areas, accept major credit and debit cards, but it’s also essential to carry cash for transactions in smaller towns and local markets.

Getting Around:

  1. Public Transport: Buses and minibusses, known as matatus, are the primary mode of public transport for long-distance travel between major towns and cities. They are generally affordable but may not always adhere to strict schedules. Taxis and motorcycle taxis, known as boda-bodas, are also popular for short trips within cities.
  2. Private Taxis: Private taxis are available in major cities and towns. They are generally more expensive than public transport but provide a more convenient and comfortable option for getting around.
  3. Car Rental: Various car rental companies operate in Uganda, offering a range of vehicles for self-drive or chauffeur-driven options. Renting a car is a suitable option for travelers who prefer more independence and flexibility in their travel plans.
  4. Domestic Flights: Domestic flights are available between major cities and towns, providing a faster and more convenient mode of transportation for long distances. Several local airlines operate flights to different destinations within the country.
  5. Ferry Services: Ferry services are available for crossing some of the larger lakes, such as Lake Victoria. They provide an alternative means of transportation for accessing certain regions and islands.

It’s essential to plan your transportation in advance and consider factors such as travel time, budget, and comfort when choosing a mode of transport in Uganda. Always ensure that you use reputable and licensed services to ensure a safe and reliable travel experience.