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Family tour and holiday in Uganda


This family tour and holiday safari in Uganda has been planned and tailored to provide sufficient time for kids to play and relax. Uganda offers the best safari holidays for kids to enjoy with their parents, many companies don’t want the elders to travel with kids for many different reasons. Same say children are difficult to handle on safari, while others stress it that getting a family room is difficult.

Our goal for memorable family safaris

However mum and dad Uganda tours has come to organize family safari to have children and parents bond, enjoy as they learn from what is not home. Many people see animals in zoos or under captivity but a safari to Uganda gives one a chance to see different species of animals and primates in their natural habitat, going back home with memories that will last forever. We have activities for kids, we have comfortable family cars, so you will travel in a safe way with your children, we use 4×4 safari land-cruiser, safari van and supper custom and if it’s a bigger group we have coasters.

Traveling as a family has its own benefits

(1) Sharing the costs, the costs on the safari can be shared by each member, so you end up spending less for the all safari and spend the rest of the money on buying souvenirs and any other items you feel like while on safari
(2) It gives freedom since you are traveling as a family and each knows each other
Highlights of the safari include among others; wild game viewing, Water spots, primates viewing, and Kids recreational facilities.

Tour Overview

The tour begins and ends in Entebbe which is on the shores of Lake Victoria. Upon arrival at Entebbe international airport, our safari guide/driver will meet you and drive you right away to your hotel either in Kampala or Entebbe for briefing about the all safari, dinner and overnight stay. We spend our next day at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary before proceeding to Lake Mburo National Park.


This Family adventure safari and holiday in Uganda will take you to some of the country’s premium and most diverse wildlife sites which includes Kidepo Valley National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Murchison Falls National park, Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary, Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale Forest National Park and many others.


Many of the activities you will enjoy on this tour included game drives in all the savannah parks, A launch cruise at the Kazinga channel of Queen Elizabeth national park which connects lake George and Edward will give you a wonderful view to various species of animals that live and feed on the lake including hippos and giant crocodiles and many species of birds including the water birds, both resident and non-resident, Giant Forest Hogs, Elephants all can see crowding the banks of the Channel.

The boat cruise

The boat cruise at Murchison falls national park equally will give you same experience. The Boat cruise to the bottom of the powerful Murchison falls which make a 43 meter drop to as plunge poll below on the River Nile makes this activity very interesting and a must do while to this park and it’s one of the activities that makes Uganda Safari Special.

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park gives the group interesting and exciting experience as it will expose you to the chimpanzees in a close distance eye to eye deep into the forest. Once you meet them, you have strictly one hour observing their behaviors as well as taking as many photos with them as possible. The expeditions through all the above sites give an insight of Uganda’s Kept secrets.


The accommodation options on the Family tour and holiday in Uganda are according to the nature of this trip. They are in the midrange category and very clean, comfortable with en-suite rooms. There are also a few Budget Accommodations that are available where the mid-range facilities are not readily very comfortable to sleep in with your children. Discounts for the Kids in National Parks and in some Accommodation facilities have been taken into account. Children are always given discounts on each items as mentioned and they are favored and taken care of.


Most of the lodges and hotels serve both local and continental dishes. Additionally, they have various drinks and a few have recreation facilities to help you relax after long journeys and long hours in the field. Most of the lodge and hotels are in areas where you will be a short distance away from the wild life by the wall; you will have an opportunity to hear buzzes of insects, birds and while you are outside your rooms, occasional visitors will mostly amaze you!


Mum and Dad Uganda Tours does not recommend budget accommodation facilities especially with the case of Kids. Some lodges do not maintain the Sanitation to the expected standards, neither the meals are suitable for the kids. In case we accommodate you in the budget accommodations, we make sure that we monitor the services and you leave.


Family tour and holiday in Uganda, We make sure that we hand you in the hands of best driver/ guides who is knowledgeable, caring and skilled with the help of a superb network of other on-site guides in the respective destinations. We make sure that your kids have story to tell back. In case you need a family tour/ group tour of any dates kindly send an inquiry we will make sure that you have your dreams come true!!

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