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Ruhija Community Rest Camp

Ruhija Community Rest Camp


Ruhija Community Rest Camp is one of the budget lodges in Ruhijja sector located in the eastern part of bwindi impenetrable national park a few meters from the park boundary. This beautiful budget accommodation well positioned close to the Uganda wildlife headquarters at Ruhija contrary to the Institute of Tropical Forests Conservation.

The campsite is well located in Ruhija village and sub-county. Ruhija was constructed based on community based, self-sustainable enclosure, near to Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park opposite to the Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation (ITFC ) which lies near Ruhija village, within the boundaries of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, at the edge of the forest where Gorrilla trekking takes place.

ruhija-community-rest-campRuhija Community Rest Camp is an ideal place to stay when going gorilla trekking of Bitukura, Oruzogo and Kyaguriro groups in Ruhija sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park. For Birders in Ruhijja are gifted with a great chance.  Since they are offered an ideal accommodation in the campsite. Where more than seven endemic species of birds along  with libertine Rift Valley are viewed while at the campsite. This sector of the park is a home to many species of birds some which can’t be seen elsewhere in the park. Enjoy the multi-species thicket that encompasses our campsite a cool natural atmosphere that you will find nowhere else.


Ruhija Community Rest Camp has gorgeous camping ground everyone on budget could not miss staying. At here anyone can pitch his/her own tent or if you are on self-drive and booked your car with rooftop tents you can as well pitch it from here. At the camp site, you can easily hire a walking stick and or a rain gear in case you need them especially during the rainy season, these will support you especially when going for gorilla trekking. In case you need a camp fire, it can be made on request at small fee.

Bird watching in Ruhijja

No good place in bwindi impenetrable national park offers best viewing opportunity for bird watching than Ruhijja community rest camp. Birders are offered an ideal accommodation in the campsite where many bird species can be seen. The Lodge has good trained birders who can take you around the Park, they are kin birders and you can’t leave the lodge minus sporting variety of birds that live around. Ruhija is sometimes known as Tourism Zone. At here, Hotel transfers can also be arranged from this campsite.

Accommodation at Ruhija Community Rest Camp presented in;

4 en suite Cottages with double beds.

2 twin Cottages

2 general Campsites for own camping


It has a Restaurant

A Bar

Gift Shop

And also a Camping area

Tourist activities done at the Campsite

Mountain Gorilla trekking adventure

Gorilla trekking  the main safari activity done in the park. Many visitors to bwindi go gorilla trekking. Bwindi is one of the 4 parks in the world where gorilla trekking takes place. And magical encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas regarded as memorable. Meeting these gentle giants in a close distance a rare moment and only one hour  allowed to stay with the gorillas. Watching them as they do their daily activities, you allowed to take as many photos and videos with them (not allowed to use flash cameras).

Gorilla permits booked in advance since they are a requirement for gorilla tracking. The lodge can arrange these permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on behalf of our clients if asked in advance or at the time of booking the lodge. A gorilla permit costs $700/permit for foreign nonresidents, 600 US dollars for foreign residents and 250,000sh for East Africans citizens. Book with us your gorilla permits to avoid stress.

Bird watching experience

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park known for housing the highest concentration of bird species. And with our experts, you expect to watch a verity of them during bird watching.

Forest photography


Butterfly watching

Organized Community tours who will entertain visitors through their cultural dances and music

Exploration the neighboring villages.


Hiking in the camp Trail offers visitors a chance to do the natural walk trails within the campsites, here visitors expect to see different plant species and many species of other animals that reside in the park including the Three horned chameleons, various bird species, butterflies just to mention but a few. Come and enjoy yourself while staying this beautiful campsite. You can also visit our community project and interact with older persons and Orphans & Other Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in the community. Listen to their stories and experiences and if interested you can give a tip.

Restaurant 24/7

The restaurant offers different dishes including local and continental food for our guests. You can make an order from the restaurant. The Meals coast between 5USD to 10USD/plate and the restaurant operates 24/7.