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Silverback Lodge

Silver back lodge

Silverback Lodge# Description#Silverback Lodge

Silver back lodge one of the latest addition to the Marasa Africa properties.  Known as one of the beautiful mid-range accommodation worth to stay. The lodge  located in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in western Uganda.  However it’s strategically located in that it’s just a 5 minutes’ walk to the national park and has comprehensive views of the valley and forests that border it especially a 124-square-mile UNESCO site home to about 350 mountain remaining mountain gorillas, also home to over 346 species of birds, and around 163 species of trees. From Kampala to the lodge it can take about 9 hours’ drive by road.  And by air it’s just about 2 hours from Kajanzi air sprit to Kihihi or Ishasha airstrips

Silver back lodge specifically  known as the biggest lodge in the area. It’s also considered one of the most comfort lodges with a lot of hospitality. The lodge was built and designed using local materials, including sisal rope, forest vines, and purple slate stone. Each of the rooms has an en-suite bathroom with hot water showers and comfy chairs on the veranda

silverback-lodgeMeanwhile, the lodge has a 24/7 operating restaurant which offers all types of dishes ranging from local to international dishes. Its bar is well stocked, it offers comfort and it operates 24/7.  The perfect place for sharing the day’s adventures of gorilla trekking, primate watching and bird viewing with family and friends. Its gardens are so beautiful and very perfect for relaxing and enjoying the splendid landscape of Bwindi forest after a long day’s hike.

Some of the activities while at the lodge include#Silverback Lodge:

  • Gorilla Tracking experience to see the endangered mountain gorillas in the wild
  • While here you can still visit the Popular Waterfall which provides attractive forest features such as a profusion of tree ferns, orchids, epiphytic ferns and Bwindi’s colorful array of butterflies.
  • Have a Nature walk experience,Silverback Lodge
  • There are 4 fantastic hiking trails where you will have an opportunity to see primates, different species of birds, butterflies, trees and other organisms.
  • Meet the Local community who will take you through how they have managed to live in the area, in the evening, they will take you through several performances which are always presented by women and orphan groups around the park.
  • Go Bird Watching, Bird watching to see over 346 species of birds that inhabit the park, the park covers over 90% of all Albertine Rift endemics, some of which can’t be seen elsewhere in East Africa.
  • Visit the Munyaga River Trail, This trail provides short walks for visitors with very little time to spare. It gives a big chance to see various species of birds and primates as well as