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Three lions found dead on electrified fence of safari lodge in park

Three lions found dead on electrified fence of safari lodge in park

Three lions found dead on electrified: Information reaching our desk is the death of three lions which were found dead. With their bodies fell against an electrified fence of a safari lodge in Uganda at the boarder of Uganda’s famous park known as Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park also commonly known for its tree climbing lions seen climbing trees.  In the ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park.

However the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) says it suspects that the adult lioness and two cubs may have been electrocuted. The death is a big blow in the country as described by the UWA spokesman Bashir Hangi. Only about 400 lions left in the country. There is currently no law in Uganda that regulates land use. On areas bordering national parks which is not good.
Over the past years several lions have died at Queen Elizabeth National Park. In what appears to be an increase in human-wildlife conflict.  Leading to decrease in the number of wildlife species in the park. In March last year, a registered number of over six lions were found dead and dismembered in what officials said was a case of suspected poisoning. Four suspects are currently in court.

Three lions were certainly found dead on electrified fence of safari lodge in park. A big number of registered lions killed in one year was in 2018.  Where over 11 lions where killed including eight cubs. Furthermore these were poisoned by unknown people. And in 2018 five lions also died under same conditions.  Meanwhile across the continent, lion populations are on the decline with the species considered vulnerable by the International Union of Conservation of Nature.

Other parks #Three lions found dead on electrified

Other parks in Uganda where you can see lions for instance Kidepo valley national park in the northern part of Uganda, Murchison falls national park in the northeastern part of Uganda and  Lake Mburo national park. Lions are basically seen during the game drive in the park in the safari tourist vehicle. Currently lion trekking is done in Queen Elizabeth national at it costs $100/per person. The activity is only open at the northern sector (Kasenyi plains) of Queen Elizabeth National Park. It gives one a chance to and study lions and make research about them.

This is an amazing destination to go for Safaris and tours while in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park ranks high as far as Uganda’s great offered Wildlife. And this is because of its evidenced Wide range of different Wildlife Species habited.

If you are more interested in a variety of unique species of Wildlife endeavor. To visit this exceptional tourist site for a fantastic experience.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth National Park ranked among the top ten must-visit Uganda’s National Parks geographically located in the Western Part of Uganda. Along Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The boundaries of the Park includes the Kazinga Channel. Which connects the two lakes named Lake George on Uganda side and Lake Edward on Democratic Republic of Congo side.

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