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UWA Announces Gorilla Trekking Permit Fee Increase ( $800)

UWA Announces Gorilla Trekking Permit Fee Increase ( $800) Effective this year from 1 July , 2024

UWA Announces Gorilla Trekking Permit Fee Increase ( $800)UWA Announces Gorilla Trekking Permit Fee Increase , Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)  in conjunction with the  Uganda Government today announced an increase in permit fees for gorilla trekking experiences. In both Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks, this will be effective this year from 1 July , 2024.  The fee  stated as below,  foreign non-resident visitors. The trekking permit fee will increase from $700 to $800 per person per trekking. For foreign residents and East African Community citizens. The fee  increased from $500 to $700, this changes considered and noted from the dates stated above.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority Executive Director Sam Mwandha,  stress that it was not our of blue for the increase. However an extensive consultation from the stake holders carried , UWA has undertaken a comprehensive review of our conservation tariff. Which has seen changes in the pricing of some park activities. The primary objective of this review was to ensure that our pricing structure remains not only fair and competitive. But also reflective of the current market dynamics and the diverse perspectives and insights shared during our consultation sessions.

The increase in gorilla trekking fee will allow UWA to continue protecting. And conserving mountain gorilla populations in Uganda. Mountain gorillas remain critically endangered, so supporting ongoing conservation efforts in Uganda is crucial to the long-term survival of these incredible animals,” said Smith. “The revised fee structure will provide essential funds for park operations. Law enforcement activities, community projects, and health monitoring of gorilla groups habituated for tourism.

Uganda  is among the three African countries world wide to host the endangered mountain gorillas. Uganda is known for hosting the highest percentage of these remaining apes. Over half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas in live in bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park. Both parks are located in south western part of uganda, both parks can be reached in just about 9-10 hours drive from the capital city uganda. Bwindi host the most gorillas in uganda with over20 gorilla families. That are available for visitors vacationing in Uganda to meet. With the work of UWA the park successfully increased the Bwindi mountain gorilla population from 302 individuals in 2005 to 459 in 2019. Gorilla tourism also provides substantial revenue and employment opportunities for local communities. And some of the funds go direct to help the local communities near the park.

Gorilla trekking  one of the most expensive activity done in Uganda. However, its known as the most selling activity, one should not love to miss while on a safari in Uganda.  A safari to Uganda with out gorilla trekking  considered incomplete with out gorilla trekking. So a must include on the list of  things to do in Uganda.

While the new permit fees represent a price increase, Uganda’s gorilla trekking products continue to offer exceptional value compared to other east African countries. UWA remains committed to delivering world-class and sustainable gorilla tourism experiences.

The permit fee increase approved after extensive research and multi-stakeholder consultation conducted by UWA. All tourism partners  notified to enable adjustments to be made to plans and budgets. for more information about how to get a gorilla permit and gorilla trekking safari booking please don’t hesitate to contact us at Mum and dad Uganda Tours

The Revised Conservation Tariffs:

Activity Old Tariffs New Tariffs
Gorilla Trekking: Foreign Tourists: USD 700 USD 800
Foreign Residents: USD 600 USD 700
East Africans: UGx 250,000/- UGx 300,000/-
Rest Africa: USD 500
Chimpanzee Tracking: Foreign Tourists: USD 200 USD 250
Foreign Residents: USD 150 USD 200
East Africans: UGx 150,000/- UGx 180,000/-
Chimpanzee Habituation: Foreign Tourists: USD 250 USD 300
Foreign Residents: USD 200 USD 250
East Africans: UGx 200,000/- UGx 250,000/-
Chimpanzee Tracking in Kyambura: Foreign Tourists: USD 50 USD 100
Foreign Residents: USD 40 USD 80
East Africans: UGx 30,000/- UGx 50,000/-

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