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The Genocide Memorials sites of Rwanda

It’s very hard to leave Rwanda without taking a visit to the genocide memorial sites where over 1m people lost their lives within 100 days, this happened in 1994. The genocide tore the small nation into shreds but  managed to rise from the ashes and the country  now considered one of the safest nation in Africa.

No one ever wants to see such days again and the slogan “never again”  seen in various places across the country. After the genocides, memorial sites constructed and such days  remembered each year as a sign of memorizing what happened and triggered this terrifying war between the Hutus and Tutsis. There are memorial sites across the country, monuments and reminders of those dark days, and of the victims killed in those 100 days.

Some of the memorial sites to visit include: Kigali genocide memorial sites, the Murambi Genocide Memorial Site, Nyamata church genocide memorial site, Gisenyi genocide Memorial Site, Ntarama Church Genocide Memorial Site, Bisesero Genocide Memorial Site among others

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More of the Genocide Memorial Sites

Bisesero genocide memorial is located 60 km from Kibuye, Rwanda with 40,000 people said to have died here. This genocide memorial site is a story of resistance of the Tutsi’s against their attackers the Hutu’s in the hills of Bisesero where they used  stones and sticks to counter the Hutu attack.

Ntarama genocide memorial it is an hour’s drive from Kigali. A former catholic church where 5000 people  massacred. It is much smaller than the other church genocide memorial sites because it was a small village parish. Just like the others, the Tutsi’s came here for refuge.

Nyarubuye genocide memorial site located 140 km from Kigali is Catholic Church where 2000 Rwandan killed. It is said that Sylvestre Gacumbitsi the then mayor of the district involved in distributing arms and encouraging Hutu’s to use rape and later maim and kill the Tutsi’s. Unlike Ntarama and Nyamata genocide memorial sites, Nyarubuye restored into a church and currently used by people in the area with the memorial center adjacent to the church.