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9 tips for convincing parents to let you travel alone

9 tips for convincing parents to let you travel alone

9 tips for convincing parents to let you travel alone, Mum and dad has complied a list of top 8 tips to follow if one wish to travel alone especially younger travelers

1. Tell them—don’t lie! – 9 tips for convincing parents to let you travel alone

So, the first tip for how to convince your parents to let you go on a trip is…tell them. While your response to this might be a resounding “duh!”, for anyone considering stuffing your bed sheets with pillows and climbing out your window in the dead of night, this is your sign to not do that.

This is important for your safety and your parents sanity. Honesty is always the best policy, especially when dealing with something as serious as international travel. If you can, tell them well in advance to give them some time to adjust and come around to the idea.

2. Show your parent you’re responsible – 9 tips for convincing parents to let you travel alone

Depending on your relationship with your parents, building trust may require considerable effort and time. If you are living at home, help out more around the house. If you live on your own, keep a consistent phone call/Zoom schedule. Trust and communication are essential for every relationship and especially important in this case.

Another idea would be to plan a short trip somewhere with or outside your home country, this is very beautiful because  having a short trip reduce on the parent panic in regard to your safety. This could be beneficial to both you and your parents. You can get some practical experience and your parents can see that you are more than capable of traveling independently.

3. Figure out your finances- 9 tips for convincing parents to let you travel alone

“How are you going to pay for this?” a completely valid question that your parents will most definitely ask and that you will most definitely need to answer. And not just with a blanket statement like “I’ll apply for some scholarships” or “I’m going to use my savings.” No, we’re going to need to see some receipts and maybe a spreadsheet if you’re feeling fancy.

If you’re planning on staying overseas for an extended period of time, your parents may want to see that you have some sort of revenue set up. There are lots of ways to earn money while traveling. Depending on the destination, you can even live pretty comfortably for a fraction of what daily life costs in the United States.

Understanding what financial situation you’re getting yourself into and having a clear financial plan will help reassure your parents that you are serious about this trip.

4. Be prepared and do your research

Where are you going? Is it safe? What kind of program is this? When are you going and when will you be back? You should have the answer to all these questions. Stumbling into the conversation without proper preparation will not only make it harder to argue your case but also give your parents the impression that you aren’t that serious about traveling abroad.

Solo travel is no joke. You have no one to depend on but yourself and your parents know that. Make it clear to them that you know it too. Try to anticipate any questions or objections that they may raise and have well thought-out, detailed responses. This is a great opportunity to really demonstrate how invested you are in traveling.

5. Find the right time to plead your case

If you really sit and think about it, you could probably come up with a few hours in the day or days of the week where your parents are more likely to be in a good mood. Maybe right after dinner on a Friday night? Everyone likes Fridays, right? Even better if you can catch them after Happy Hour.

Also make sure to let them know that you plan on speaking to them. Waltzing into the living room and demanding their attention may not be the best way to convince them. You want them to be calm, not feeling as though they’ve been ambushed.

6. Have a good reason “why”

There are plenty of reasons why traveling alone is beneficial, but you are going to need to be specific with what the benefits are for you. Do you want to learn or improve upon your language skills? Are you gaining some practical experience through an internship? Will a gap year abroad help you reorient yourself and your future? Clearly emphasizing why traveling is important to you will help your parents better understand where it is you’re coming from, if you are going for a safari outside your home country its also very better to advise your parents and also advise them if you are going on self guided safari or with a guide

7. Involve them in the planning process

Be collaborative! Have clearly identified opportunities for your parents to contribute to the planning. It’s important that your parents know that you value their input, not just because the advice itself may be incredibly valuable (especially if your parents have experience traveling abroad), but also facilitating an open line of communication from the very beginning will show that you are willing to listen and learn. Plus, involving them in the process could awaken some excitement in them and help them understand why going on this trip is so important to you.

8. Set your parents up with some way to keep in contact with you

We’ve stressed the importance of communication several times already, so we’ll spare you the explanation and get right to the advice. Traveling internationally means that your normal forms of communication will have to change—unless you want a costly phone bill or have a reasonably priced wireless provider.

Luckily, there are a number of free apps that you and your parents can utilize while you’re away exploring the world! Whatsapp, Facebook Messaging, Skype, and Zoom are all great options. Depending how tech savvy your parents are, you may want to start using these apps before you leave.

This will ensure that both you and your parents are comfortable and secure in the knowledge that you have an effective means of communication.

9. Remain calm and carry on

doudger with mom

Keeping a cool head will prove just how grown-up you really are.

A crucial but difficult part of growing up is redefining your relationship with your parents. Just because they are treating you like a child doesn’t mean you have to act like one.

In the process of attempting to convince your parents to let you travel alone, there may be moments of tension. If you feel like your parents are refusing to hear you out, don’t whine! Don’t let your stubborn inner teenager take control.

Remember, you want your parents to see you as an adult who is mature, responsible, and capable of taking on the world.

Be confident and act like an adult—and your parents might just let you travel alone

Gaining your parents’ permission is one thing, gaining their approval is another. If your parents begrudgingly allow you to travel alone, take it as a win! Make sure to keep your promises, stick to your plans, and maintain an open and honest line of communication with them while abroad.

Behaving responsibly will make your parents more confident that you can handle whatever the world throws at you…and maybe next time they won’t need so much convincing!