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How to avoid car hire nightmares

How to avoid car hire nightmares

How to avoid car hire nightmares, Everyone’s dream during or after a road trip is to achieve unforgettable experiences. And have happy memories that last a long time. There is nothing as frustrating as noticing an unexpected charge on your Credit Card just months after returning from your trip or better still. Being asked to pay an extra cost (that you were not aware of) when dropping off the car.

There are instances of clients being charged for damaging the car. Returning the car beyond the agreed drop-off date, and many other reasons. Therefore, here are the different ways to avoid car Hire nightmares.

Undertake research before choosing the Car Hire Company

Before you go with a particular Car Hire Company. Ensure that you first undertake proper research on its terms and conditions. Check different Car Hire websites for their rates and discounts. As well as reviews from previous clients. Also, book in advance because it is very easy to pay so much for a Rental Car when bookings are done last-minute.

Always read the Car Rental terms and conditions before signing

It is horrifying to pay hidden charges that you didn’t recognize or understand on the rental contract. It is common for Companies to charge clients for items. They don’t even remember agreeing to and for this reason, read and understand terms and conditions, and ask for an explanation for charges.

Check the insurance options# How to avoid car hire nightmares

Car insurance is not different from any other insurance you have been paying. And therefore, it is important to choose how much excess you wish to pay or whether you wish to cover damages to the Car windscreen, tires, or any other part. In most cases, fire, as well as theft protection, are higher. If you weren’t aware, most Car Hire Companies charge a hefty amount for these extras. Hence opting for cheaper waiver insurance with a different Insurance Company before you undertake your road trip will save you from paying a hefty amount.

Properly check the car and take pictures of any damages before leaving the Company premises

One thing we always advise our customers is first to check the car (important to check car tires, windows, fuel level, exterior/bodywork, and the interior) for any damages. And bends also take pictures when picking the car. Clearly indicate the pre-existing damage on the pre-rental inspection card/report or in the Rental agreement to avoid being charged for any damages that you are not responsible for. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions. And ask for an explanation wherever you don’t understand. You can even record a video while inspecting the car. With the condition properly recorded.

Indicate damages you caused in the return form

Having gathered enough evidence in form of pictures and video recordings while picking the car. You will not be liable for any damages you didn’t cause. However, in case of any damages that you are responsible for, agree on them before signing the return form. You will only pay for damages that you caused.

Dropping-off the Car

Another way to avoid Car Hire nightmares is by ensuring that the person to whom you are returning the Car is from the Company and not a fraudster. Many travelers have been victims of this nightmare. And we hope you don’t become one of them. Any Company representative should have valid identification and should sign documents indicating. That the car has been dropped off in the same condition to avoid being charged extra fees. Always sign yourself up and also take pictures or record videos all around the car, especially when it is outside official working hours.

Safely keep your Car hire paperwork

It is quite uncommon for car Hire Companies to charge for non-existence damages or even after a long time. However, it is important to safely keep the Car Hire paperwork to avoid paying for damages you aren’t responsible for.

Avoid parking cars in the wrong spots

One of the worst Car Hire nightmares is finding the Car you had parked being towed or charged. For this reason, always ensure that the car isn’t parked anywhere other than the right parking spot. However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where the car is towed, contact the Car Hire Company because it knows how best to work toward having it back.