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Why Visit Uganda?

Why Visit Uganda?

Why Visit Uganda? When many travelers think of Uganda, they possibly think of the primate tours (chimpanzees and mountain gorillas) as well as wildlife safaris, which is very true. However, there is more to the Pearl of Africa than primates and wildlife safaris because there is something for everyone. What is on your ideal safari checklist? Is it the outstanding wildlife, breathtaking sceneries, mouth-watering cuisines, stunning landscapes, or hospitable people? If your answer is any or all of the above, then Uganda is the perfect place to be. Therefore, here are the reasons why you should visit Uganda;

Why Visit Uganda?

Big game safaris # Why Visit Uganda?


Are you ready to venture into the secluded wilderness (National Parks and Wildlife Reserves) to search for the outstanding wildlife on your Uganda safari? Be prepared to spot the spotted leopards as they stealthily move in the tall grass, or listen to the adorable lion clubs growling playfully, enjoy the ground trembling as the African bush elephants’ herds approach a waterhole, or the antelopes roam across the sweeping savannah plains. With over 10 National Parks (several being savannah-dominated) and Wildlife Reserves, Uganda is one of the must-visit safari destinations for sighting different wildlife species. Lots of Big Game can be sighted in Kidepo Valley, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Mburo National Parks.

Unmissable adrenaline activities #Why Visit Uganda?

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Travelers looking to try adventures outside their comfort zones or enjoy the feeling of butterflies in their stomachs will definitely appreciate exploring Uganda. There are lots of adrenaline-pumping activities that are set against some of the most jaw-dropping backdrops on Earth. You can get wild and wet in the Nile River during whitewater rafting, enjoy full throttle with the Nile River Bungee, go mountaineering on the Rwenzori Mountains, go mountain biking, try out zip-lining in Mabira Forest or Lake Bunyonyi, try rock climbing on Mount Elgon, or go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Savor mouth-watering cuisines from different regions

How does the idea of a gastronomic getaway to Uganda sound like? Are you a foodie? Then be prepared to sample the Luwombo (chicken, beef, pork, or groundnut stew) prepared in banana leaf and eaten with steamed plantain (matooke), dig into Malewa and matooke, or don’t forget to taste Nsenene (grasshopper) snack. Get the chance to savor mouth-watering traditional cuisines that will transport your taste buds to a whole new World of Flavor.

Discover Uganda’s rich history and culture

Uganda boasts a diverse history and culture worth exploring during your safari. From the dramatic past to becoming known as the “Pearl of Africa”, the country’s story is clearly exhibited in Museums across the country and in the form of cultural traditions, delicious foods, and music. You can discover more about the painful Dictatorship of former President Idi Amin Dada, discover different ancient Caves, and visit any of the Museums for pre-colonial era details.

Uganda is undeniably a melting pot with 54 tribes representing different traditions and cultures. From their local dishes, traditional dressing, local artifacts and symbols, and unique building styles, each of these tribes has something extraordinary to present.

Uganda’s show-stopping sceneries are worth exploring

Uganda isn’t named the “Pearl of Africa” for nothing because it offers everything from the sweeping savannah plains, breathtaking Crater Lakes, verdant rainforests, magical mountain peaks some of which are covered by snow, tranquil Islands and Lakeside Beaches, waterfalls, and extraordinary rock formations as well as sceneries. These features create a perfect backdrop for scenic drives across the country hence making Uganda a photogenic safari destination.

Perfect for family-friendly trips

Uganda provides one of the most amazing family trips with unforgettable wildlife encounters in its different malaria-free National Parks and lots of children-friendly activities to choose from. There are lots of family-friendly Safari Lodges and Camps, activities (game drives), and so much more.