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Gorilla trekking groups In bwindi forest national park

Gorilla trekking groups In bwindi forest national park

Ruhija Sector

Gorilla trekking groups In bwindi

Ruhija Sector has 4 Groups, with 32 permits available on daily basis

 Bitukura family—this group habituated in 2008. It has 13 family members with Ndahura as the dominant silverback.

Oruzogo—this group habituated in 2011, by the time of writing it has 22 members. Including 2 silver backs with Tibirikwata as the dominant silverback

Mukiza (Kyaguliro B)—it s a group of 15 members with Mukiza as dominant silverback

Kyaguriro—this group is manly reserved for research purposes, it has 9 members and its led by a dominate silver buck called  Rukina

Buhoma Sector #Gorilla trekking groups In bwindi

Buhoma sector has 4 Gorilla Groups, with 32 available permits

Mubare family—named after the Mubare hills, was the first group habituated in 1991, has 18 members and  led by Ruhondeza Silverback.

Habinyanja family—by the time it was habituated it had over 30 members but as time went by, the group went on splitting, however by the time of writing it has 18 member with a dominant silver back called  Makara Silverback.

Rushegura family—split from the larger group Habinyanja group, now has 20 members led by Mwirima silverback.

Katwe—has 9 members with Katwe silverback leading the group

Nkuringo Sector

Nkuringo sector has 3 gorilla groups, with 24 permits available

Leader Rafiki of the nkuringo family  killed in 2020. Family has 12 members led by Rwamutwe Blackback. The hike for tracking the Nkuringo is the most challenging but undoubtedly worthwhile, as it is the most pleasing.

Christmas family—this group split from Nkuringo. Appeently this group has 6 members and its led by Christmas Silver back, Rafiki’s brother.

Bushao family — Family has 12 members and its led by Bahati Silverback a dominant male in a group.

Rushaga Sector#Gorilla trekking groups In bwindi

Rushaga has 8 gorilla groups, with 64 permits per day

Nshongi family— known as one of the originally  largest gorilla group  habituated. By the time of writing it has 25 members now with 2 silverbacks

Mishaya family—This gorilla group split from Nshongi group. It has 10 members led by Mishaya Silverback.

Busingye family—split from Kahungye, 10 members let by Busingye Silverback.

Bweeza family—has 9 members. Habituated in 2011.

Kahungye—is the largest group with 18 members, habituated in 2011.

Bikyingi—12 members in the group. And currently habituated.

Muchunguzi—has 8 members.

Gorilla trekking groups In bwindi ,The Gorilla trekking rules prepare you for Gorilla trekking and gives you guidance on conservation of the mountain Gorillas. Gorilla permits can be obtained at the UWA headquarters in Kampala-Uganda’s capital city.

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