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How to Prepare For a Gorilla Safari

How to Prepare For a Gorilla Safari/How to prepare for gorilla trekking

How to Prepare For a Gorilla Safari / gorilla trekking preparation, Whenever mountain gorillas are mentioned, many people’s mind rush to the three East African countries which include Uganda Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo(DRC), these are the only countries in the whole world that host these endangered mountain gorillas . World-wide there are about 1000 remaining mountain gorillas and the big percentage of these mountain gorillas live in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park. The other gorilla hosting park in Uganda is Mgahinga gorilla national park.

The rest of the gorillas live in Volcanoes national park (Rwanda) and in Virunga gorilla forest national park (DRC). Are you wondering how best you can prepare for gorilla tour experience in Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo? Or wondering where to trek the gorillas from, No worries, Mum and Dad Uganda Tours offers you a guide on how to not only prepare but also get ready for your lifetime gorilla trekking experience, a moment that last for ages in one’s memory.

Gorilla trekking is certainly ranked number one wildlife experience incomparable, the activity has attracted huge number of travelers all over the world who jet in to the country to have at least a one hour encounter with these rare apes in their natural habitat. Each day, hundreds of travelers check into Uganda, Rwanda and Congo purposely to have a close encounter with these apes.

One scholar once said, ‘’An African safari without visiting mountain gorillas is undeniably incomplete’ ’which is credibly true. Much as gorilla tracking is magical, the trek itself is not any easy adventure. Hiking involves passing through thick and muddy forest hence calling for your readiness.

Finally below is how to get ready for gorilla trekking in Africa with Mum and Dad Uganda Tours.

Choose where to go gorilla trekking#How to Prepare For a Gorilla Safari

before planning anything, it should be in your mind to choose very well where to go gorilla trekking. As already mentioned in the first paragraph, we have three gorilla trekking destinations including Uganda, Rwanda and DRC, given that, you must choose wisely where to go trekking. Each country offers different experience, in the terms of easy to trek, number of gorilla and the price for a gorilla permit.

In Uganda a gorilla permit costs $700 trekking either in bwindi impenetrable forest national park or in Mhaginga gorilla forest national park. In Rwanda gorilla permits costs $1500 trekking in the Volcanoes national park and $400 trekking in the Virunga national park. Trekking gorillas in more than one national park gives you best comparisons and chance to visit different gorilla families for an excellent experience.

Check the availability of gorilla permits and book

After taking a decision on where to trek the gorillas and the amount to pay for a gorilla permit, the next step and a crucial one is to find the availability of gorilla permits. Know the number of people you will travel with and those who will participate in this venture and go ahead and book the gorilla permit. gorilla trekking is on high demand, and the activity attract a huge number of people all over the world who pay to come and spent an hour with these endangered apes in their natural habitat deep into the forest.

Gorilla permits are on a very demand they are booked on first come first serve basis, the earlier to book your gorilla permit the best to avoid last minutes booking is always disappointing. The responsible government bodies to contact for gorilla permits are Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in Uganda, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Rwanda and Virunga Park management in DR. Congo. You can contact them directly or else book through Mum and Dad Uganda Tours the number gorilla safari company in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.


We are experts in tailor making short and long gorilla packages to suit all travelers time and budget. Issuing a gorilla permit is based on first come first served basis. Per day, Rwanda has 80-gorilla permit, Uganda has 144 permits while Congo has 64 gorilla permits.

You are advised to secure your gorilla trekking permit at least 2-4 months prior to your trekking dates. If you want to long stay with the gorillas, book a gorilla habituation experience which gives you a chance to stay with the gorillas for at least 4 hours learning their behaviors so that they become familiar to human. This activity is carried out in Rushaga sector south of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. A single gorilla habituation permit costs $1500 per person.

Work on your physical fitness#How to Prepare For a Gorilla Safari

this is very vital to any person willing to go for gorilla trekking in Africa. Gorilla trekking is one of the most exciting and interesting activity carried out in the dense forests of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Virunga and Volcanoes national park. Meeting these endangered mountain gorillas involves passing through tough and sometimes muddy forest especially when it rains.

Mountain gorillas live in areas of high altitude, which require a lot of hiking before meeting the gorillas. So, some levels of physical fitness is highly needed. Travelers planning to go for mountain gorillas are therefore reminded to do physical exercises to ensure fitness. You are suggested to do exercises like walking, jogging, hiking, sit-ups, stair masters and downhill lunges among others all these will help you to improve on your physical fitness.

Book your gorilla tour with the company but choose it carefully#How to Prepare For a Gorilla Safari

A thousands of gorilla safari companies operates all over Africa, choosing the best gorilla trekking company to organize your safari is something not easy, it requires keenness, book your gorilla tour with a reputable, reliable, recognized, and trustworthy tour operator on the ground and not to have regrets.

Meanwhile to avoid all those staff, just send your inquiry direct to Mum and Dad Uganda Tours for all gorilla safari planning, booking for you accommodation and gorilla permits we are always at your disposal as well as wildlife safaris, cultural tours, hiking tours, chimpanzee safaris, golden monkey tracking, car hiring service, etc. the following must be considered when choosing gorilla safari company


  1. Company’s website, check the company’s website to find what whether it talks exactly gorilla safaris, you can as well read the about us page to get more information about what the company offers.
  2. Online reputation
  3. Reviews from trip advisor and safari booking, does the company has several reputable reviews from their past clients, you will get to review the reviews and rate the company. This will let you know it you know if the clients delivers to the client’s expectations.
  4. Essential response to emails, when you send your inquiry how long does the company takes to respond to their inquiry
  5. Membership to ground tourism associations etc

Get your travel bag ready with essential parking list

now you are leaving your home, please consider that you should pack in your bag for gorilla trekking. Make sure that what you pack is essential, Mum and Dad Uganda Tours gives you guide on what to carry for gorilla trekking in the three gorilla trekking destinations including Uganda, Rwanda and DRC to ensure a peaceful, enjoyable and less difficulty gorilla encounter. Your bag must include the following;


1. Hiking/trekking boots
2. Gardening gloves
3. Long sleeved shirts/blouses
4. Long pants
5. Sun glasses
6. Hat
7. Insect repellants
8. First aid kit
9. Rain jacket
10. Sweaters and Scarf
11. Energy giving snacks

However travelers are reminded to visit hospitals and health centers for checkup before visiting Africa for gorilla trekking. Mountain gorillas are vulnerable to human disease especially cough and flu. Anybody with such signs are will not be allowed to visit the endangered gorillas for the safety of both parties.

Know the gorilla trekking rules#How to Prepare For a Gorilla Safari

Before embarking on the actual gorilla trek, you will first report to the park headquarters to receive short briefings about the do and don’ts while with the gorillas from the park wardens. These guidelines are strictly enforced to ensure successful gorilla trek. These include

On the way to the gorillas

1) You must always wash your hands before you head in the forest to me chill with the gorillas.
2) Only a maximum of eight people are allowed to visit the gorilla family in a daily. This is so to minimize the behavioral disturbance to the gorillas and also to reduce on the risk of their exposure to human borne diseases such as flue and cough.

3)  You will follow the ranger guide following the gorilla trails to find them, the guides will take you to where they last seen the previous day. Look out for the gorillas’ nesting sites along the way!
4) Once the gorillas are met, don’t rush to remove your camera, the guides will inform you when to get your cameras ready.
5) Always keep your voices low. This will help to observe other forest dwellers such as birds and other wildlife in the forest during the search of our close relatives.
6) Carry your rubbish with you, don’t leave them in the park. Whatever you bring into the forest should be carried back with you.

When you are with the mountain gorillas

1) While with the gorillas, you are always remained to Keep your voices low at all times. Although you are allowed to ask any questions to the guides.
2) Don’t move alone, you must stay in a tight group when you are near the mountain gorillas.
3) Always keep a minimum of 7 meters about (21 feet) away from the Mountain Gorillas. This this help to protect the endangered Mountain Gorillas from human disease transmission.
4) Do not eat or drink while you are near the mountain gorillas.

5) Sometimes the Mountain Gorillas charge. Follow the guide’s example crouch down slowly. DO NOT look the Mountain Gorilla in the eye. Wait for the Gorillas to pass and do not attempt to run away as this could increase the risk of attack.
6) Do not attempt to touch the Mountain Gorillas, remember they are wild animals, they can charge at any time.

7) Flash cameras are allowed when taking photograph as these may scare away the gorillas and when taking pictures, move slowly and carefully.
8) The maximum time visitors are allowed to spend with the Mountain Gorillas is one hour. This is done to limit their disturbance. If the Mountain Gorillas become agitated or nervous, the guide will end the visit early.
9) After the visit, keep your voices low until you are 200 meters away from the Mountain Gorillas.

When to go gorilla trekking#How to Prepare For a Gorilla Safari

Gorilla trekking can be conducted all year round in all the three gorilla trekking countries including Uganda, Rwanda and DRC, but the dry season is the most preferred and it starts from  June to September as well as from December up to February. During the dry seasons, the roads to the gorilla parks are passable and gorilla trekking is no so difficult like during the dry season. The rainy season makes trekking so difficult, if you are planning to go gorilla trekking, you must also put into consideration the months you would like to travel.